GREAT NEWS - There are 2 events for 2018

August 24, 25, 26, 2018    A second weekend was added just for YOU!  We will duplicate the crop in August, same Christmas theme, same t-shirt, etc. so you don't have to miss the 10th Anniversary of our annual Croppin' on the Coast.  

Our Jouney To "A NEW HOME"

We are well aware of the increasing problems encountered the last two years with the event hotel.  It was made clearly evident at this past crop that our hotel host for the past 7 years is no longer interested in having our business.  I made announcements each day and encouraged your suggestions while making the best of some uncomfortable situations. I thank each of you for your patience and friendship.

After months of searching, we have finally landed at our NEW HOME.  I am pleased to share that they are equally as happy to host our event, as we are relieved and excited about finding a new home.  Thank you for all your suggestions. I contacted the sales department of EVERY suggested site given.  Below are highlights of just a few things learned along the way, FYI as it were.


  • Metairie - Landmark hotel wants $7,000/DAY!!! for their banquet room for all day use
  • New Orleans - an additional $25/day parking per car added to a banquet room too costly (many expressed safety concerns)
  • Island View's new tower - the entire 3rd floor holds beautiful conference rooms, some with a beach view,  but asks $4,000/DAY!  (great meeting room space for a smaller event though)
  • most other suggested hotels (because of location) either had no banquet room at all or the banquet room was too small and just a conference room.
  Gulf Hills Hotel and Conference Center is located in Ocean Springs, MS, a short 20 minutes east of Gulfport.  Gulfport exit is 34, Ocean Springs exit is 50 (just 15 miles).  Check out their website and make your reservation.

 There are a few things we will need to work out.  We will need to RENT tables, and such. A few things are expected to be different, moving to a new site,  and we all will continue to enjoy our Croppin' on the Coast tradition of scrapbooking with your gal-pals!   



Feel free to contact Janet Guillory, Event Coordinator by Email   

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